Collecting School Supplies

school supplies.jpg

We are collecting school supplies for our elementary schools. These items will stay in the offices and be made available to the teachers as they begin to run low. There are 4 specific items we’re collecting, and the one’s teachers run out of first. These items are: #2 pencils, big pink erasers, glue sticks, and Crayola brand crayons. We want to help the student be successful, and help the teacher not spend their own money to restock. We have bins in the foyer to place the items in. We are collecting through Sept 1. For any questions, click here.

Monthly Food Pantry Item Collection

food pantry.jpg

Each month we collect specific food/toiletry items for the Cedar Creek food pantry right here in town. We collect a different item based off of the need of the food pantry. There is sign in the foyer with information on it letting us know what we’re collecting. For more info, click here.

4th Sunday Group





On the 4th Sunday of each month, a group will be meeting at the Brock's for a shared meal, prayer, and communion.  Bring something to share.  You are encouraged to join us and celebrate life together!

Celebrating Us!

On the 5th Sundays, we will be having a potluck that day in place of the Group time.  This is for us to take some time and celebrate each person in our gathering and the unique characteristics we possess.  If you or someone you know were to bring a cheesy potato casserole, Pastor Dave would deem that acceptable and holy.

Weekly Prayer


On each Thursday, from 6:30 to 8 pm, some of us gather to pray at the church.  We pray for God's will in our local church, unity within the body, and encouragement.  Committing to this time of prayer will quite possibly change your spiritual hunger.  For more info, click here.




What about you?  What gets your blood pumping?  What are some of your ideas?  What has God put in your heart that you can't deny?  Each one of us has something to offer.  Let's talk about your ideas and your passions.  Your ideas are the one's that we want to build off of.  This church is not the pastor or the building, but is people.  And you are people!  If you have idea, or there's a social injustice that turns your stomach, but you just don't know where to go with it, talk to Pastor Dave.

Let's take your ideas and passions, and let's grow them!